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 Suggestion / Frustration

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PostSubject: Suggestion / Frustration   Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:10 am

So I'm well aware that a lot of people complain to Sho'nuff about all sorts of things they think should or shouldn't be in the server. One of the most prevalent topics is the time limit or lack there of for the Deathstar CTF map. Most people think there shouldn't be a time limit, while others say it lasts far too long... well I just spent around 2 hours or more playing a round of Deathstar CTF and I gotta say.. Sho, I know you just took the time limit off but perhaps you should call it in the middle and put a time limit but make it like an hour.. cause damn, that's a long azz round haha

whether there's a time limit or not though, the bigger issue is that it wouldn't take so long if people would actually TRY to capture the flag and run it in.. I don't know how many times I've worked my way to the flag, ran it all the way to about 20 feet away from the score point and die.. then my team-mates just f*cking ignore the flag and let it reset when they're RIGHT NEXT TO IT.. it seems people would rather waste time trying to get their kill stats up rather than help their damn team and do their part. Whether that's engies that don't even clear mines for the flag carrier or heros that would rather flail around slicing people than helping out, it's frustrating as hell. At least most apoc members do well when it comes to actually running flags.

anyway, long azz post but that was one frustrating round of CTF! I can understand not wanting to run the flag when the round's only been going for like five minutes.. but after an hour and a half, who cares about kill stats? I just wanna move on to the next map! haha

sorry for the long post

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion / Frustration   Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:35 pm

I agree that on some maps the duration of time is ridiculous, but the death star is one of the few places that offers a plethora of points. Now as an Apocalypse member and somewhat of a sniper, I do attempt to possession of the flag. Usually in this case clan members will assist in supporting you on the attempt, but the amount of enemy reinforcements in that general area is compact. With an educated guess, not even six soldiers would be capable to capture the flag. This is one of the major reasons why a multitude of the people playing on the server decided just to slaughter as many enemies as possible. I suggest that if you feel that the strategy being used by the current players is a failure, then create a battle strategy for the Death Star and present it to one of the leaders. I think a location, for example, mustafar needs a time limit because at most times it is impossible or highly difficult to capture the enmey flag because of the over usage of mines. Also you would make a great strategist for the clan. If you join I would enjoy fighting by your side. {Apocalypse}Oranos, Elite Combat Sharpshooter, nice to have you in the clan. Thumbs Up!
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Suggestion / Frustration
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